About this blog

I created this site to share information about topics that interest me, for example, Linux, Obsidian, Docker, Kubernetes, networking, macOS productivity tools, etc. Its purpose is to share knowledge that I’ve found useful across the years, and also accept other points of view/suggestions from people in the same path, I’m always interested in learning other ways if I can optimize my processes.

I’ve come across many blogs in the past in which I find the answers I was looking for, so trying to give something back, hopefully, someone finds it useful.

I’m not that active on social media, but reach out via Linkedin if you want to network.

You can also subscribe to my RSS feed if you’d like to find out what I’m up to.

A bit about me

  • My journey in the IT world started when I decided to get my Cisco CCNA certification back in 2018, but then I realized that networking is just a small part of the landscape, so I’ve been trying to catch up to new technologies ever since.
  • I adapt quickly and connect the dots to understand how things work. If I don’t know an answer, I’m not going to pretend I know and give you false information, I’ll tell you to give me some time and come back with something useful. on a docker container in a GCP VM, I’ll document the whole process in case I need to re-do it.
  • I love taking notes, let’s say for example I’m learning to deploy WordPress
  • I used to manage my notes in Google Docs but it’s too slow to load, so migrated all my notes to Obsidian, so now everything is handled as markdown files and automatically uploaded to my private GitHub repo.